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OCEM- A leading technical institution in the capital city of Odisha, India runs under the aegis of " Sai Radhakrishna Seba Education and Charitable Trust", Bhubaneswar with the motto to promote technical/professional education in the country. Besides OCEM, the Trust Planning to run Oxford +2 science residencial college, Oxford Nursing college, Oxford pharmacity college, Oxford hospital & medical college. The Trust is running another two colleges Oxford School of Polytechnic and Oxford College of Management. OCEM is a dream center for higher technical study with an international focus on all its activities and standards. It is committed to furthering collaborative research and exchange programmes involving the best institutions from across the developed world. Besides the best qualitative education, the campus of OCEM makes the whole system live because of its natural get-up, beautiful and superb landscape. It is our sincere conviction to provide the best education to our students which will enable them to keep pace with rapid global changes in technical/professional education and equip them to face new challenges.

Our Courses

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering deals with an area of science and technology pertaining to design and production of devices, machines, processes and conversion systems that involve mechanical work.

This also includes the conversion of thermal, chemical and nuclear energy into mechanical energy. Additionally, since all manufactured products must be constructed from solid material, mechanical engineers are involved in the structural integrity and material selection for almost every product in the market.

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering has an intake capacity 60 students. The Electronics and Communication Engineering curriculum provides a balanced view of design and implementation electronics circuits, microprocessors, narrowband and broadband communication technology.

Recent advances in microprocessor and communication technology, is making the fine lines between electronics and communication very trivial.

Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is a branch ofengineering which deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles. It is a segment of vehicle engineering which deals with motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc. It includes mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety elements. Skills Required: Artistic

Computer Science & Enginnering

The Computer Science and Engineering department is being organized into various subgroups such as: Computer Theory and Languages, Software Engineering and Application/System Development, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. There has been a technological explosion in the field of computers.

Computers and microprocessors have become an integral part of the society and its use span from home appliance to sattelite communication.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department leads to the degree in Electrical Engineering along with a broadbased specialization in Electronics and Computers. An electrical and electronics engineer develop and apply the theories of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetic to design the systems for power generation, transmission, communication and control.

With a solid foundation in mathematics, and engineering physics, the students are offered courses in integrated circuits, computers, radio and television, satellite transmission...

Civil Engineering

There is a large scale construction activities connected with technological developments of the country. So, this requires a large number of Civil Engineers which the present output of Engineering, Colleges cannot cope with. Hence, a new branch of Civil Engineering has been developed in the College.

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree program that provides advanced business and management training. The course will equip students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in leadership roles.


Our Facilities


Engineering comprises a blend of both theoretical knowledge and practical work. Excellent laboratory facilities and workshops are provided for students... Read More


OCEM library is well equipped with 27000 text and reference books by both Indian and Foreign authors. Print plus online abstracting, indexing and full... Read More


The centrally located well furnished cafeteria with modern hygienic kitchens offering variety of foods and refreshment. The canteen provides working... Read More


OCEM hostels for boys and girls have excellent amenities for comfortable living of the students. Each hostel is provided with TV, News dailies, Magazines,... Read More

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Grand Central Park

OCEM offers a four year (eight semesters) degree program in Engineering in the following disciplines leading to the award of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.).
Grand Central Park

OCEM offers a four year (eight semesters) degree program in Engineering in the following disciplines leading to the award of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.).
Grand Central Park

OCEM offers a four year (eight semesters) degree program in Engineering in the following disciplines leading to the award of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.).